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Web Warehousing and Knowledge Management

This book provides readers with a detailed understanding of how Internet and Web technology works and how it can be harnessed to meet the data warehousing and knowledge management needs of organizations today.

Unlock the secret to building the next generation of powerful new business applications. Discover the key to harnessing new approaches to business systems development with this one-of-a-kind, straightforward problem solving guide. Written especially for those making the transition into a new technological and theoretical paradigm, this book clarifies, simplifies and demystifies.

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   McGraw-Hill 1999

   ISBN: 0070411034

   US $49.00




Data Warehousing: Strategies, Technologies, and Techniques

Considered at the time to be a revolutionary approach to data warehousing, this book explains how the technology can be approached to gain maximum business impact (also published in Japanese).

Data warehousing is key information management strategy for businesses that want to stay competitive. With this practical, information-packed sourcebook, enterprise computing professionals will discover how to design and build an effective data warehousing system. Mattison provides a well-organized, step-by-step plan and offers a valuable, vendor-independent examination of the available tools and products. He explains the key concepts of business process reengineering, client/server technology, systems architecture, online analytical processing (OLAP), and decision support systems (DS) that are critical to data warehousing.

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   McGraw-Hill, 1996

   ISBN: 0070410348

   US$ 55.00






Understanding Database Management Systems,  2nd edition  (1st ed. 1993)

A perennially popular guide to database technologies that has served as the basic textbook for comparative technology in classes around the world.

The 2nd edition includes all the latest changes to DB technology. If there is anything you need to know about database technology, chances are that you will find it here! Mattison provides a comprehensive and cogent reference on current database technology, architectures, and products. New to this edition is coverage of OLAP, SMP/NUMA, and network communication issues, new extended and super relational databases, web-enabled databases, hybrid object-relational databases, plus issues such as data mining and universal databases.

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   McGraw-Hill, 1998

   ISBN: 70499993

   US$ 55.00





The Object-Oriented Enterprise: Making Corporate Information Systems Work

An introduction to the complexities of object-oriented technology for those who plan, design, manufacture, and maintain large-scale business computer systems. The book covers theory, history, applications, and the process of converting, migrating, or replacing existing systems with object-oriented systems.

A business-oriented, practitioner's guide to creating an object-oriented DBMS for the real world. It covers all the fundamental building blocks of object-oriented databases, detailing how they work and how programs and objects interact. It is packed with proven techniques for modeling and designing effective systems, including many coding examples.

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   McGraw-Hill, 1994

   ISBN: 70410313

   US$ 55.00