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Teleco Churn Management Handbook

The only definitive guide to customer loyalty, its diagnosis, management, and improvement available to the telecommunications professional. If there were one book you could use to help understand and develop telecom churn management programs, this is the best choice.

The book explains tools and techniques for a coherent telecom business strategy in an era of competition and for marketing to customers based on the deep understanding of those customers’ needs and motivations.

It is a very readable text that communicates the core ideas effectively. Highly recommended for telecom execs and for those suppliers who would understand the telecom provider as a customer.

To download a free copy of this book... CLICK HERE.

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Data Warehousing and Data Mining for Telecommunications

The book provides the telecommunications I/T professional with a comprehensive guide to understanding how these approaches can help drive immediate and pronounced business value.

Through dozens of case studies and real-world examples, this clearly written guide shows telecommunications managers how to build more effective data warehouses without wasting time and money on impractical untenable approaches. The book provides practical step-by-step instructions on how to engineer and implement a warehouse/mining strategy that reduces costs, maximizes profits, and supports long-terms corporate goals.

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 Artech House, 1997

 ISBN: 0890069522

 US$ 83.00






Winning Telco Customers Using Marketing Databases

This book arms the telecommunications marketing, sales, and customer care professionals with detailed instructions for making use of customer databases to accomplish their objectives.

It teaches telecommunications companies how to develop a competitive marketing process and how to utilize database marketing to gain and maintain relationships with profitable customers. It discusses organization strategies, how to use billing systems and call information, and how to make use of marketing media, including direct marketing. It accents these lessons with examples of successful telecom marketing campaigns to highlight ways to increase and keep a strong customer base. It demonstrates how to make the best use of marketing technology and to organize the marketing department to perform at its highest level. The book provides practical advise on key roles of team formation, modeling, campaign planning, statistical analysis, and how to best use available marketing media.

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 Artech House, 1999

 ISBN: 1580530362

 US$ 87.00






Animated Telecom Dictionary

by Lawrence Harte

Panel of 12 contributing telecom experts, including Rob Mattison

The Animated Telecom Dictionary (ATD) is the first technical dictionary that uses animation diagrams that are included on a fully readable CD-Rom to help explain the new complex technologies. The book explains the latest telecommunication technologies and provides a reference for industry terms.

It covers wireless, wired, and information telecommunications systems and services. It is perfect for almost all telecommunication experts as it contains the latest definitions and market information, along with definitions of essential industry terms and acronyms.

Over 10,000 of the latest telecom terms and technologies

More than 400 diagrams and photographs

CD ROM that contains over 100 animations

More than 4,000 terms and acronyms

Searchable database of industry trade shows

Lists of industry magazines

Details more than 100 trade associations

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APDG Pub., 2002

ISBN: 1893970094

US$ 34.95