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Telco Call Center Analytics

The Telecommunication company's own call center represent both the biggest single investment in variable expense that the company has to deal with (with a headcount of hundreds if not thousands of employees) while at the same time providing the single largest and most critical communications channel between the customer and the Telco.

The critical role that Telco call centers play does not, however, exempt them from the same pressures that are faced by call centers in other industries.

Increasing pressure to reduce costs while improving service make call center management one of the toughest jobs in telecommunications management today.

How Advanced Call Center Analytics Can Help!

Ironically, Telco Call Centers are rich in the raw materials necessary to gain operational efficiencies (due to the massive amount of information about customers, call center reps and organizational responses that the typical combined IVR, ACD, CTI and other systems collect).

Unfortunately, most managers are stuck with trying to squeeze intelligent out of underpowered call center application analytics capabilities, or the arduous analytical efforts of call center personnel, trying to struggle with dozens of variables and millions of records without the benefit of the advanced tools and techniques common to the practitioners of business intelligence in other areas.

Industry studies indicate that the vast majority of Telco call centers are desperately in need of assistance in the strategic planning and management of their operations, while fewer than 10% of these organizations are currently making use of any of the advanced analytics capabilities available.