The Telco Training Academy


CRM and Organizational Transformation

Change, Insecurity, Volatility, CHAOS!

These words describe today’s telco business, an environment where those who feel the pain are most likely the employees. The pressure on the corporation is high, but the wear and tear that this kind of pressure places on your most valuable resources, your loyal employees, is immeasurable.

Since there is no way to make the business world stop the pace at which it is changing and growing, you are left with only one choice: Help your employees and your organization adapt to the change and embrace it.

A recent survey of telco corporation CEOs revealed that adaptation of their corporate culture to the new business reality is their number one strategic concern. And for good reason.

A telco is more than just a network, controls systems, and operational budgets. It is, first and foremost, a service industry and research has demonstrated that the number one predictor of success for service businesses is the attitude, comfort, and motivation of its employees. If your employees are not happy, motivated, and focused on what’s important, then your customers will surely notice and go elsewhere.

TTA can help transform your organizational environment to be supportive, stimulating, and challenging for your employees.

Key Components in Creating a Positive, Productive Work Environment

A successful implementation of any changes in your organizational environment, whether it be technical (new technologies), operational (new processes or policies), or organizational requires that the people make the transition emotionally, procedurally, and physically.

Such a complete transformation involves many of the soft issues: culture, interpersonal communication styles, standards of evaluation, values and, most importantly, a comprehensive and inclusive vision. (A comprehensive vision describes how the entire environment will look, act, and feel when the transition is over. An inclusive vision has employees picture themselves in that environment, understand their new roles, and looking forward to functioning in those roles.)

Our approach integrates some of the best and most effective techniques utilized by change management and organizational transformation specialists from around the world.

We incorporate basic concepts:

  • Building a Learning-Based Adaptive Organization

  • Knowledge Management

  • Practical Applications of Chaos Theory and Complexity Science

  • Appreciative Inquiry

We can help with the following:

  • Situational Assessment

  • Needs Analysis

  • Advice and Counsel

  • Appreciative Inquiry

  • Mediation

  • One-on-One Coaching

Specific formal offerings include:

  •  Creating the Customer Centric Organization

  •  Creating a More Profit Centric Organization

  •  Downsizing and Rightsizing

  •  Corporate Identity and Cultural Alignment (Internal Branding)

  •  Streamlining and Simplifying the Organization and Processes

  •  Process Realignment and Reengineering

  • Creating a Learning Organization

  • Goal Setting and Prioritization

  • Collaboration and Cooperation

There are times when these services can be especially useful, particularly when applied to the areas of Marketing, CRM (Sales, Customer Service, Agent Mgmt), Profitability, Product Development, and I/T. Following are some of the situations that indicate that serious organizational transformation efforts may be required to meet your goals.

  • Quality concerns, reengineering issues, organizational restructuring problems

  • Repeated failure of the organization to meet goals

  • Operational and organizational confusion

  • Strategic implementation challenge with new approaches

  • Pronounced operational inertia

  • Continued failure of quality improvement initiatives

  • A recent I/T reorg causing backlash problems in user and I/T community

  • Unresponsive I/T culture