The Telco Training Academy


Department Realignment


Improving Efficiency and Morale in your Key Departments

Ultimately, the keys to improving your organization's ability to maximize customer relationships are the organizations commissioned with that responsibility. Decades of change, budget cuts, and a seemingly endless stream of reorganizations have left many employees with a real lack of understanding what their mission is, what their responsibilities are, and how they are supposed to all work together.

Our TTA Best Practices-based approaches are designed to help your employees redefine their roles to leverage their own strengths and weaknesses, take advantage of the cultural and historical habits and procedures that make sense, and encourage their creativity to improve upon them by offering a perspective on how employees in other telcos are doing it.

Whether you are looking for improvements in your marketing, sales, customer service (call center), channels (agents, retail, Internet, distributor, or other), or new product development and new business development organizations, our approaches can help your team accomplish their own unique "excellence" in telecommunications operations.