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Specifications Preparation


Once the decision has been made to pursue the development of a new system, the next challenge is creating the specifications that are to be read and responded to by your internal I/T department, outsourcing firms, ASPs, consultants, and hardware and software vendors.

Developing these specifications is never an easy job and is made particularly difficult for today's telco team because the proposed systems are typically new or radically different from anything anyone at the company has worked with before.

Ultimately, if your specifications are accurate and focused, then the rest of your systems development process will be straightforward. If, however, your team is having difficulty figuring exactly what it is they need in the system, then you may find yourself moving into an area of confusion, excess cost, and much waste of many people's time.

When your team knows what to include in a specifications document and how to ask for what is needed, then those responding will have to come back with their best estimates and offerings.

If your specifications are vague, open-ended, or unsure, then you are sending an open invitation to try to "sell you" and "shape" your requirements into what the responders would like it to be, instead of what you need.

Vendors will try hard to sell you what they already have available. They will invest much energy in trying to convince you that this is what is best for you. If you do not have a good, clear idea of exactly what it is that you are looking for, then these vendors will attempt to increase your scope, expand the project's vision, and in general turn your project into a large, cumbersome, and expensive potential disaster.

TTA has been around the vendor response process many times in the past and we have put together a collection of tools that can help you reduce the confusion and vulnerability of your systems development initiation process.

Using our TTA-QuickSpec Methodology, your team can learn first hand how telcos around the world have developed specifications that get the point across, minimize the chances for vendor scope expansion, and quickly get you exactly what you are looking for: a proposal for a solution that meets your specific needs.

For more information see our TTA-QuickSpec Methodology.