The Telco Training Academy


Quality Assurance

The challenges associated with systems development are complex and multidimensional and TTA has developed a series of time-tested formal approaches to the review and management of many aspects of the process. (See our Cost Justification (Business Case Development), Project Estimate, RFP/RFI Development, and Vendor Selection sections offerings and methodologies.)

Many situations, however, demand a less formal and less constrained approach to managing and assuring the success of your systems development efforts. In those cases, TTA is ready, willing and able to put together a customized approach to systems development oversight and quality assurance that meets your particular needs.

When what you really need is some assistance in oversight, review, or monitoring of the systems development process for a particular project that is less invasive or disruptive to the organization, but that still provides the needed feedback and guidance, we offer a range of systems development quality assurance services.  


Systems Development Quality Assurance Offerings

TTA Quality Assurance offerings are informally organized, highly flexible engagements that can address exactly the assistance you need. Our quality assurance engagements include:

  • RFP/RFI Review

  • RFP/RFI Coaching

  • RFP/RFI Process Evaluation

  • RFP/RFI Process checkpoints

  • Post RFP/RFI Process team self evaluation and lessons learned