The Telco Training Academy


Project Cost Estimation

Dealing with vendors, preparing RFP's and RFI's and going through the whole process of new systems development will take up a lot of your resources for a long time. One of the things that many managers is some kind of idea of just exactly how big the price tag on a system of this type will be, before they commit so many resources to the task.

The problem is, if you go to your vendors to ask them for some kind of idea of how much a solution will cost, they will tell you what they want you to know, not especially what the truth of the matter is.

What you need at this point, is assistance from someone who is not going to be directly involved in the sale and delivery of the solution to you. Someone with experience developing systems like this in the past, who can guide you through the pitfalls that are intrinsic in trying to develop any kind of cost estimate.

Realizing that managers are desperate for this kind of "reality check" early and often during the systems development life-cycle, TTA developed the TTA-QuickCost (c) Methodology. This methodology provides you with some of the structure and tools your team can use, to help them develop a cost estimate early on in the process, so that you can get a good idea of where this whole process may be taking you.

For more information, see our TTA-QuickCost (c) Methodology fact sheet.