The Telco Training Academy


Cost Justification

To proceed with investigating the possibility of building a new large business support system (BSS) is a big decision for a telco. Even if the system is never built, thousands of man-hours and dollars can be spent simply evaluating where, when, how, and why the project should proceed.


Many times, managers feel that it would reflect badly on them if they didn't go ahead with building the system that cost so much to investigate. In other cases, the politics between I/T, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations, and other groups gets so intense that, what originally started as a small, simple, good idea turns into a monstrous project of epic proportions. In just about every case, the decision to consider building a system picks up so much momentum that it becomes nearly impossible to stop the project.

What is needed, more than anything else, is for the organization to get a clear, objective evaluation of the proposal before large investments are made in evaluation, RFP/RFI, and consulting studies. At TTA, we are aware of the problems associated with instigating new project development activities and we have helped many managers prevent this kind of mindless, expensive momentum building.

Our TTA-QuickCaseŠ methodology was created to help managers quickly evaluate the true merit of proposed projects and provide management with a roadmap for understanding the the risks and rewards associated building the systems.

For more information see the spec sheet for the TTA-QuickCaseŠ Methodology.