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Systems Development


Building the Big Systems!

Most managers would probably prefer to run their telco business without the very large risk, expense, and inconvenience that deployment of a large new system involves but, unfortunately, they often don't have a choice.

Sometimes, the existing systems are so old and out of date that they can no longer support the needs of the business. Or, the telco so is new that the systems simply do not yet exist.

No matter what the situation, managing the process of cost justifying, specifying, estimating, issuing RFPs and RFIs, evaluating the results, and choosing a solution provider (your internal I/T department, a software vendor, a hardware vendor and applications service provider (ASP), a systems integrator, a management consulting firm, an outsourcing company, or a combination of some or all of these) is a large job, one which your team is probably ill-prepared to handle.  

Providing help for all phases of major systems development and deployment

At TTA, we know how big the job of major systems development, installation, and deployment can be. Over the years we have developed much expertise in breaking down the overwhelming task into a series of small, easy-to-manage and understand steps.

As with all of our approaches, it is not our objective to do these jobs for you, but rather to work with your team and teach them how to do these jobs better for themselves.