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Systems Design

Modern telecommunications BSS or BOSS systems are extremely complicated and putting together the design for one requires a wide range of skills. You need to be able to:

  • Collect meaningful and specific requirements

  • Convert those requirements into executable specifications

  • Combine a wide variety of functions into a comprehensive and complete solution

Good systems design requires that the designer be:

  • Part artist

  • Part scientist

  • Expert in the execution of dozens of business processes

  • Expert in dozens of technologies

The Challenges of Systems Design

The principle tools of the systems designer focus on three areas:

(1) Business design, modeling, and problem-solving skills:

  • Business Process Modeling

  • User Interface Design and Ergonomics

  • Business Problem Conceptualization and Problem Solving

  • Expertise in the business area that the system is supposed to address


(2) Familiarity with the applications and tools involved in the solution:

  • Data mining and statistical analysis

  • Reporting, OLAP, and Business Intelligence

  • Marketing, Sales, Call Center, CRM, Activation, Provisioning, Campaign Management, Market Database, and Telco Billing Systems

(3) And most importantly:

  • The ability to blend and combine those ingredients into a comprehensive solution


Systems Design Discipline


Backed by many years of experience and much exposure to numerous different approaches to system design, we have developed a systematic, comprehensive approach that is guaranteed to get the kind of results you are looking for. 

Systems Design Assistance 

We, at TTA, have great depth and breadth of experience with many aspects of systems design, including:

  • Different platforms (mainframe, servers, PCs)

  • Different operating systems (MVS, CMS, UNIX, LINUX, Windows (all))

  • Different applications (billing, collections, sales management, activation, provisioning, fraud detection, and others)

  • Different network technologies and network control systems

We can be counted on to be able to help you manage all of the phases of systems design development.


Systems Design Offerings

Our offerings in the systems design area include:

  • Systems Design Review and Recommendations

  • Systems Design Blueprint Development

  • Training and Coaching for Systems Designers

  • Full Systems Design Oversight