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Quality Assurance

  With so much going on within your systems development environment, it is extremely difficult to keep up with it all. Even when you have the right people, the right budget and the best of management intentions, you can easily find yourself and your team "under the gun" and in need of some help.

We have spent many years working with CIOs, I/T Managers, and project managers, helping them oversee, organize, and systematically diagnose, manage, and troubleshoot their environments, their projects, their teams, and their operations.

If you could use some help in evaluating your development efforts, or if you would like to get objective, expert outside assistance in addressing some specific areas of concern, TTA can deliver.


Quality Assurance Situations

There are many situations in which you might need some quality assurance help and we can assist in all of them. Some managers need help getting oversight and objective evaluation of outside vendors to know how well they are delivering on their contracts. Others need help with specific organizational issues such as team members who don't get along, development problems that keep repeating, or simply a sense that something isn't right.


Subtle, Low Key, Discrete Evaluations

... so that you can figure out what is wrong and fix it without disrupting the team or upper management.

Troubled projects have the most common quality assurance needs and the problems tend to be quite clear (the project is behind schedule, over budget, or in any number of ways not meeting management expectations). In these cases, we can quickly evaluate the situation from all perspectives (requirements, business value proposition, specifications, project plan review, timetable reasonableness, technical solution components, team dynamics, and many others).O.K.

Basically, we uncover where the problem is, quickly and discreetly, and let you know how you can best address it.

Since our team is very small, and our credentials so broad ranging, we can come in with a premise for your audit that does not threaten anyone and doesn't send up warning flags to upper management. We can quietly evaluate the situation and report the results directly to you so that appropriate actions can be taken with a minimum of disruption.

Quality Assurance Offerings

Our quality assurance offerings include:

  • Outside vendor audit/watchdog

  • Ongoing major project monitoring and crisis prevention

  • Team dynamics evaluation and recommendations

  • Technical and business practices evaluation and recommendations

  And our most popular offering:

  • Low key, discrete, personal management evaluation


Quality Assurance Value Propositions

  • Best Practices-based

  • Expertise in all aspects of systems design

    • Technical

    • Business practices

    • Best practices

    • Organization

    • Team dynamics

    • Application-specific

    • Technology-specific

  • Discrete, subtle, and confidential

  • Minimum disruption of ongoing operations, projects, timetables, and upper management

  • Quick and low risk