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Project Management Assistance

When it comes time to start building your system you will have to face that most serious of questions. Who can you trust to manage such a large, risky, incredibly important piece of work? Good project managers are incredibly difficult to find, and yet, without one you have very little hope for success.

With so much to know and do, in such a short time, it is critical that your project manager(s) gain whatever leverage they can. There is no way to do this kind of job without a lot of help. We can provide some of it.


 What Makes a Good Project Manager?

Project management in today's world is just about impossible to do well. Your project manager has to have skills in a multitude of areas, as well as:

  • Assertiveness and drive to get the job done

  • Patience and tolerance for people and problems

  • Political savvy in dealing with management, users, and many technical egos

  • Brilliance and familiarity with a wide range of products, approaches, and systems

  • The ability to multi-task

  • Visionary skills to "see" the system as it will ultimately manifest

  • Attention to excruciating levels of detail

  • Creativity and flexibility

  • Discipline and single-mindedness of purpose

Sound impossible? It probably is, but that doesn't stop thousands of brave and talented individuals from taking on the challenge.


Helping Your Mangers Meet Their Objectives!

With so much riding on the abilities of your project managers, it would seem prudent to do whatever it takes to increase the managers chances of success. In this spirit, we offer our TTA Project Management Assistance. We believe that anybody crazy enough to volunteer for the project manager's job should be able to call on as much help as possible when the workload gets to be too much.


We can help your project managers deal with all aspects of the job:

  • Technical Issues and the best ways to approach new (or old) technology development projects

  • How to manage their own time better

  • How to coach others in their time management

  • How to create project plans that make sense

  • How to set execution, estimation, and monitoring standards ... and how to use them

  • Techniques for getting better and more easily followed requirements

  • Techniques for dealing with various personalities

  • Conflict management approaches

  • Scope Management

  • and many, many more areas


Project Management Assistance Offerings

Our offerings in the project management assistance area include:

  • Technology-specific project management consultation
    (Helping you, your project manager, or your team understand what the critical success factors are in project management, using specific, specialized technologies such as data warehouse, specific databases, specific application development tools, or specific environments)

  • Business-discipline-specific project management consultation
    (Helping you, your project manager, or your team understand the critical success factors and idiosyncrasies of project management to deliver to specific business departments or discipline areas, such as marketing databases, data mining operations, market research systems, knowledge management, etc.)

  • Project management procedures evaluation

  • Project manager scorecard
    (self evaluation)

  • Project manager evaluations
    (skills, aptitudes, habits, gap analysis, and recommendations)

  • Project management framework for a specific project

  • Project management assistance

  • Distressed project evaluation, intervention, and correction


Project Management Assistance Value Propositions

Our value propositions in the project management assistance area include:

  • Helping you increase the skills and professionalism of your existing project managers

  • Helping you choose the right project manager for a given project

  • Helping you establish measurements, controls, and evaluation of project managers

  • Helping you set up your own project management environment

  • Reduce risk of project failure

  • Speed project development

  • Avoid project pitfalls