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Data Modeling

Data modeling can be one of the most helpful or most wasteful of systems development exercises. Many organizations and practitioners have become confused about the purpose, value, and priorities associated with data modeling. As a result, more I/T groups waste more money on data modeling efforts than anything else.


Defining the Value of Data Modeling

The first challenge is to define the type of models needed and their purpose. There are dozens of types and styles of data models including:

  • Enterprise models

  • Logical models

  • OLAP and multidimensional models

  • Physical models

  • Conceptual models

  • Entity-relationship models

  • Semantic models

  • Object-oriented models

  • Many, many, many others

Each of these models was originally developed with specific business and systems development objectives in mind, and each has its place. Now, many practitioners and managers are mystified about which models are appropriate for their situations.

Often, it is even difficult to get agreement on what the real objective of the modeling activity should be.


Data Modeling Expertise

Author of several books on the topics of database, data warehouse, Internet, and knowledge management system development and design,has accumulated a vast store of expertise in all areas of data model implementation theory and practice.

As the chief architect and developer of several hundred data models (including enterprise models for several major telcos and models to support the developers of several billing systems) of varying types and applications, he has the experience to address any data modeling issue.


Telco Specific Modeling

While there are many good data modeling experts available today, very few have focused almost exclusively on telecommunications and, as anyone in the industry knows, telco systems are highly specialized and unique. With Mattison's outstanding depth of experience in telco data modeling, you will be hard pressed to find a better qualified data modeling "expert."


Data Modeling Quick-Start with TTA Templates!

With 18 years of experience and hundreds of completed models as a history, it should come as no surprise that we have several data models already available to help you get started on your data modeling efforts. While we usually don't advise that you try to purchase and implement a system using a pre-fabricated model, it can clearly help you to get started quickly if you have something to work with. Our TTA-Telco Data Model Templates can provide you with that quick start!

Getting the Help you Need ... on Your Own Terms!

Many consulting organizations try to include as many full time consultants as possible to solve your problems. We take a decidedly different approach. Our goal is to provide you with only the help you need, nothing more. For that reason, our consulting arrangements can be put together on a very limited basis.

You can count on us to help you with your data modeling needs via:

  • Short term telephone consultations

  • Internet and email based exchange and support

  • Short term training or review offerings

  • Longer term retained services offerings (we are available as you need us, on short notice)

  • Project or goal based offerings


Call us When, or Before, You Are in Trouble

In an ideal world, you would call and ask for our help as soon as you get involved in a data modeling situation that you are not sure about. What will probably happen, however, is that you get deeply involved in a project before you realize that you are now in trouble and in over your head.

  • Early systems planning stage

  • Proposal and requirements development

  • Early in development

  • Late in development

  • Post implementation review

  • Existing (aging) system review and upgrade

We have the ability to help you with your data modeling needs, no matter what your situation.


Data Modeling Offerings

Our offerings in the data modeling area include:

  • New data model development

  • Data model review

  • Troubled data model project audit

  • Data model project kill/no kill study

  • Data model team skills and methods development and support

  • Post system implementation data model review

  • Existing system data model audit and review

  • Replace/enhance data model review and recommendations