The Telco Training Academy


Database Design

At the heart of every major system is a database where all the information that drives your operations is stored. Databases are, therefore, some of the most critical sub-systems within your entire I/T environment. For that reason, being sure that your databases are designed and run well is a critical part of your overall operational efficiency and I/T viability.


Database Proficiency

It is very difficult to staff your organization with the required database expertise to cover the broad range of systems you need to support. As a result, I/T managers typically spread database coverage pretty thin in order to comply with budget requirements.

This means, however, that you will find yourself understaffed and unable to properly handle the job when you take on a new system or when you run into problems with your existing environment.

Here is where TTA and our database design and support capabilities can come in. As the author of some of the most comprehensive and authoritative books on all aspects of database design and implementation,is able to provide support for all aspects of database design for a wide range of database products and situations.

Database technology experience includes the following types of database:

  • Mainframe, UNIX, LINUX, Apple, DOS, Windows

  • Relational, Object Oriented, FlatFile, Network, Hierarchical, Inverted List, Hashed, Paradox, OLAP, ROLAP

  • DB2, Oracle, MySQL, IMS, IDMS, Datacom, and many, many others

Expertise includes the areas of:

  • Database architecture

  • Physical database design

  • Index optimization

  • Pointer development

  • Hash key algorithms

  • Physical database distribution

  • Access path optimization

  • Increasing the speed of query execution

  • Database normalization/denormalization

  • Troubleshooting distressed systems

  • Systems redesign

  • New systems design


Telco Specific Database Design Issues

Databases in the telecommunications industry are submitted to many demands and idiosyncrasies not found in other industries.

First - telco databases are the largest in the world, which should comeas no surprise since telcos handle volumes of data on a daily basis that far surpasses anything managed by any other industry.

Second - telco databases are submitted to incredibly high demands for flexibility and change. Telco requirements change very, very quickly and telco databases are expected to keep up with that pace.

Third - the terminology, issues, and types of data are extremely complicated and unique to telcos.

For these reasons, when you need help with your databases, it is critical that you work with someone who knows the unique characteristics of telco databases. This is an area in which we definitely qualify.


Maximizing Your Value, Minimizing Your Cost

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality assistance, at precisely the time you need it, and to minimize your overall costs in terms of time, trouble, and dollars spent. Our consulting arrangements can, therefore, be put together on a decidedly limited basis.

You can count on us to help you with your database design needs via:

  • Short term telephone consultations

  • Internet and email based exchange and support

  • Short term training or review offerings

  • Longer term retained services offerings (we are available as you need us, on short notice)

  • Project or goal based offerings


We Are Ready to Help You at Any Stage in the Process

In telecommunications, things happen at a very fast pace. You must often act before you have had time to think. We are very aware of this problem. It is, in fact, the situation most of our customers find themselves in. Because of that, we are prepared and experienced to jump in and help out no matter what stage of the systems development or support lifecycle you find yourself in.

  • Early systems planning stage

  • Proposal and requirements development

  • Early in development

  • Late in development

  • Distressed system renovation

  • Older systems evaluation

No matter what your situation, we can be ready to provide you with support.


Database Design Offerings

Our offerings in database design include:

  • Database design for new systems

  • Database design review

  • Database design and architecture skills development

  • Database accelerator (speed up your database performance) 

  • Database design training and best practices

  • Troubled database development project intervention and repair

  • Post implementation database audit and review

  • Distressed database evaluation and recommendations

  • Database project kill/no kill decision points

  • Existing database repair/restore/replace decision-making

  • Aged system evaluation and replacement recommendation

  • Database software selection and architectural "fit" analysis


Database Design Value Propositions

Our database design value propositions include:

  • Reducing the risk of database design and construction

  • Speeding database development

  • Optimizing database performance (increase DB speed/throughput)

  • Increasing effectiveness and professionalism of your database design team

  • Instituting best practices in database design for your organization

  • Reducing stress and strain on management and employees involved in database operations