The Telco Training Academy

Investor Report

For the modern telecommunications company, competitive advantage comes from the best, most accurate, and most easily accessible information.

In the legacy days of telco, the company was able to meet the needs of customers by building high quality network infrastructure and operational support systems (OSS). The front office business support systems (BSS), such as billing, sales, customer service, etc., were considered accessories to the main business of telephony.

In today’s competitive and fast-paced environment, the very survival of the firm depends on new, high powered, sophisticated, and finely tuned BSS systems along with the continued support of an excellent OSS environment.

A management team that struggles continually to keep up with competitive pressures brought on by a rapidly changing and erratic marketplace and by the introduction of new products and services at an unprecedented rate, must turn to its I/T department to provide the information that is so desperately needed to make quick, accurate, and profitable decisions.

To transform the existing I/T environment into a responsive “information engine” requires much focused effort and activity on the part of the I/T staff and I/T management.

TTA has worked with telco I/T departments for many years, developing new, innovative, and highly effective ways of transforming I/T into the kind of environment that management is demanding it become.


Proven Methodologies

We have worked with dozens of I/T departments at telcos around the world, using time-tested approaches that help you build systems faster and better and that deliver more value to your users. From the largest, oldest wireline companies to the youngest, smallest wireless providers, all have found our help to be of immense value.


Requirements and Expectations – The Challenges

Ask I/T department managers or CIOs what their biggest challenges are. Invariably, they will tell you about the generally unfounded and unreasonable expectations that users have for what I/T can deliver as well as an exasperating inability to get decent requirements. This one-two punch can ruin any project.

After years of working closely with users and with I/T staff, TTA has developed the skills to bridge the gap. We can help users figure out what they really want and need, and to develop reasonable expectations of what they can get and when.


Keeping up with Industry Changes

Not only do the users have adjustments to make in their understanding and expectations, but I/T too has a steep learning curve to take on. I/T staff need to learn about the new ways that telcos operate. I/T departments around the world are needing to meet management demands for newer, faster, more responsive, and less costly systems.


TTA Helps Transform Telco BSS




At TTA, we are no strangers to the pressures, complexities, and issues that drive telco BSS systems implementation and support. In fact, it is what we do best. We have many different ways to help you transform your existing staff and operations into the environment that you need. Our offerings include the following Focus Areas:





  • Data Warehouse

  • Systems Integration

  • Project Management

  • Systems Evaluation

  • Troubled Project Reviews

  • Billing Systems Improvement / Replacement

  • Data Quality Assurance

  • RFP Process Management

  • I/T Organizational Management

  • Software Selection Process