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System Construction


Construction Challenges and Opportunities

As the I/T Director, CIO, or Project Manager with responsibility for a major telecommunications company systems development or enhancement project, you are faced with a broad range of issues to address. Management decisions and business conditions often demand that you take on technologies and approaches that you and your own team are not fully prepared to deal with.

Sometimes, hiring an outside firm to handle the systems development for you is the easiest and safest course. But then you end up having to manage and maintain a system that someone else built and that you know nothing about.

Even if you do decide to design, develop, and manage the system yourself, you often cannot locate those key resources that can help you move the organization forward in its understanding of how best to deal with the challenges.

In either situation, you may find it helpful to have an expert consultant at your disposal to answer questions and give you direction and guidance.


Credibility and Expertise in All Areas of Systems Development

No matter what kind of system or application you are working on (Billing, Data Warehouse, CRM, Call Center) and no matter what technology your are using (from oldest Mainframe - Cobol/Assembler, CICS systems, to the newest Internet/HTML/DHTML/C++ object oriented systems), TTA can provide you with the levelheaded, well rounded advice that only 18 years of experience of building systems for telcos can provide.has successfully designed, managed, and maintained dozens of BSS systems for telcos around the world, and has developed the knowledge and maturity to help you take on any systems development challenge.

As winner of the AT&T Engineering Excellence award, and as author of several books on database, Internet, and knowledge management technology, he can provide you with the credibility and the practical, hard-nosed advice that will help you guarantee success in your project development efforts.


Resolving Conflict and Getting the Team to Focus on the Solution

Figuring out how to combine all of the resources involved in your systems development project for best results is a tricky business. You need to assemble a team that combines the skills of many people who will not especially get along well together or see things in the same way.

Many projects get hung up, or even destroyed, when too many "experts" start pulling the project in different directions. In these situations, what you need is an expert's expert, a person with the credibility, experience, and inter-personal management skills to take all of those inputs into account, and get everyone focused on going in the same direction.

Our expert consulting services are made available to you on basis of retained services, per project,  or ongoing support and can provide you with that missing ingredient of expert overseer and tiebreaker when conflict occurs.



Focus on the Development of Your Expertise, Not Someone Else's!


One major value that TTA can provide, is to give you access to some of the highest levels of expertise in the design, development, and support of your systems, and leveraging that expertise NOT to do the job FOR you, but to help you and your team learn how to do it YOURSELVES.

Our emphasis is on empowerment of your team, not on enhancement of our own. Our interest is in the long term viability and capabilities of you and your team and we structure everything so as to achieve that aim.



Reduce Your Risk!  Make Your Life Easier!  Speed Your Learning!


Our number one goal is to help you accomplish your objectives as quickly and as painlessly as possible. The sobering reality is that over 50% of all new systems development projects fail. Most of them crash simply because the management team became overwhelmed with the sheer volume of new technologies, concepts, and approaches that they were forced to deal with.

Our Value Proposition to I/T Management:

  • Reduce your risk

  • Increase your productivity

  • Develop your team resources

  • Speed the development cycle

At TTA we have developed a comprehensive set of training classes, methodologies, and other tools designed to help you take on and deliver those big, tough, and challenging problems much more painlessly than you probably thought possible.



Our Offerings


TTA can provide you with a wide range of offerings, services, methodologies, training, and templates in the telco BSS systems construction area. Included are service offerings that apply to any and all areas of BSS database, application, and system support:

  • New systems development support
    Helping you with specification, design, and building of systems and applications

  • Post implementation systems audit and review
    Reviewing your completed project and providing you with an evaluation of its soundness and readiness for production

  • Existing (aging) system enhancement
    Reviewing existing systems with advice for enhancement activity

  • Replace, repair, upgrade decision studies
    Formal system review with recommendation if the system should be replaced, repaired, or enhanced