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IT Solutions

Some type of total customer value management (TCVM) computer support system is prerequisite for just about every kind of improvement in customer value management operations, policies, and procedures.

The intelligence gathering, analysis, operational tracking, and efficiency capabilities that the new generation of TCVM systems offer is truly amazing. The ranks of TCVM systems include:

- Data Warehouse - Data Mining
- Sales Force Automation - Call Center Management
- Knowledge Management - Customer Self Service
- OLAP/Query - Channel Management
- CRM Systems - many more

The benefits that TCVM systems could possibly deliver are great, but actually getting results is another story. Telco I/T infrastructures are notorious for being overlarge, overburdened, difficult to manage, and even more difficult to integrate with. For this reason, TTA has developed three sets of offerings to support your Telco Customer Value Management - computer systems development and design activities. They are:
  • Systems Development Life Cycle Support Offerings
    Offerings and methodologies designed to help you manage, control, and succeed at the process of building a business case, cost justification, RFP/RFI development, and vendor selection
  • Systems Construction
    Assistance in development of data models, databases, systems designs, systems architectures, and projects management
  • Applications Support
    Expertise, insight, and capabilities covering all aspects of systems design, deployment, and use of the systems once they are installed