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Sales Force Automation

No aspect of customer value management is more critical to the telco than the performance of the sales force. Live, face-to-face, direct sales activity represents the single most expensive type of customer interaction that your company can provide. Making sure that this investment yields the absolutely best return on that investment is a big responsibility.


Changing Times and Changing Role of the Sales Force

No area of the business is more resistant to changes in techniques, objectives, and operating styles than the sales force. Most salespeople and many sales managers believe that sales is the same job it has always been and that somehow the sales force is immune to the chaos and radical renovation that the rest of the telco must go through. Although the skills of the salesperson are still quite valuable to most telcos, the role that salespeople play and the mission that they are expected to fulfill in the future will be very different.

More accountability

Salespeople of the past were free agents free to follow their intuitions and do whatever they needed  to "make their numbers." For this generation of sales style, keeping records, maintaining a calling discipline, and informing the rest of the business of what was going on with customers was an optional and non-critical activity.

Today, an increasingly large part of the sales job revolves around helping the rest of the telco organization be aware of what is happening "in the field" on many different levels.

The Sales Force as Customer Service

More and more, the sales force is expected to do more than simply "get the order." Instead, they are asked to take on the role of full service provider interface. The modern sales force, therefore, needs to keep track of the complete picture of the customer's relationship with the telco and assure that the value equation for both customer and telco is being optimized.

The Sales Force as Field Market Researchers

Many telcos have realized that the absolute best way to find out what customers are doing and thinking is to commission the sales force to find out. Since the salespeople are at the critical interface point with the customers, they are in the best position to ask the questions and gather the intelligence that advertising, marketing, product development, finance, and the rest of the sales organization need answered to prepare optimum campaign and product development activities.

The Changing Corporate Sales Force

Indeed, no sales role within the telco has taken on more significance and added responsibility than the corporate "relationship manager" salesperson. Today's corporate customers expect the corporate sales team to be a true, full partner in the exploration of money-making opportunities. The telco rep is expected to provide input on the latest telecommunications technologies available and how they can help the customer reduce costs and increase sales, including especially the creation of new telecommunications-enabled product offerings. It is the job of the corporate sales team to explore, define, and deliver these radical and highly innovative solutions to their customers.

The Changing Channel Sales Force

As the role of independent channels (retail, wholesale, agent, and other non-traditional channels) has increased in significance, the telco has created a new channel sales force to support those activities. With the increasing role of channels and the rising importance of the good will and opinion of major channel partners, channel management sales teams become critical team leaders.

The Changing Consumer Sales Force

In no way have the consumer sales teams been exempted from the need to define new tactics and strategies to support the optimization of their market opportunities. New, highly flexible territory and specialization organizational approaches, coupled with more comprehensive account management and intelligence gathering responsibilities make the consumer sales management job one in desperate need of the help that sales force automation can offer.


How Telcos Use Sales Force Automation Today

Sales force automation is playing a key role in finding newer and better ways to get maximum value out of the sales force, regardless of the area.

  • Customer profiling

  • Account management

  • Territorial alignment

  • Intelligence collection

  • Channel optimization

  • Corporate partnering

  • Consumer value maximization


Telco Sales Force Automation Value Propositions

Telcos use sales force automation to help:

  • Keep track of customer interactions details

  • Manage sales reps' use of time and geography

  • Achieve flexibility in realignment of sales resources in response to changes in strategy

  • Inform sales reps of changes in customer status and satisfaction

  • Provide sales teams with critical information on the status of customer orders, services, and billing levels

  • Provide service level agreement contract support and backup

  • Provide upper management with reports for more accurate tracking of sales activities

  • Provide management with true productivity and value delivery information of sales efforts

  • Create a picture of the complete value delivery portfolio that the rep is providing to the customer


Telco Sales Force Automation Offerings

Our offerings in the telco sales force automation area include:

  • Sales force automation software / contractor selection assistance
  • Using sales force management analytics to define the best automation solution based on intelligence that tells us how to:
    • Better organize the sales force (territories, segmentation, alignment)
    • Better optimize compensation plans
    • Better organize operations and management functions
  • Sales force automation organizational readiness analysis
  • Sales force automation operational implementation roadmap development
  • Sales force automation requirements development
  • Sales force automation system specification development
  • Sales force automation system cost justification (business case development)
  • Sales force automation implementation planning
  • Sales force automation organizational setup (creating departments, roles, procedures)
  • Sales force automation budgeting and operations
  • Sales force automation systems architecture
  • Sales force automation skills assessment and staffing recommendations
  • Distressed sales force automation system review and troubleshooting
  • Getting more value out of existing sales force automation investments
  • Training I/T staff in sales force automation development and design
  • Training sales force and management staff in the use of sales force automation tools.

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Sales Force Automation Software Vendors

At TTA, we have experience working with many of the sales force automation software solutions you may be considering.