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Campaign Management

Campaign management is a relatively new phenomenon for the typical telco organization. For years, telcos had no need for supporting any kind of one-on-one, direct mail, or direct phone marketing activity. All customer contacts were managed through a combination of:

  • Mass media advertising

  • Call center response to customer calls

  • Personal sales force activity

But with the explosion of new technologies, new competitors, and radical changes in how customers view their telecommunications service providers, most telcos are finding that they could really use some help with establishment of one-to-one marketing disciplines.


The Telco Campaign Management Challenge

With campaign management, the biggest problem is not technical but operational. For most, the disciplines of direct mail and direct outbound phone are so new that they have little idea of how it can best be organized and executed.

As a result, many departments will give direct marketing a try, but each will do it in its own way. Some other departments will hire an outside direct marketing firm to generate lists, prepare creative, and execute the campaigns for them. Yet others will put together their own lists and execute campaigns completely "on the fly." And some will try a combination of these approaches.

By the time management decides that something formal should be done with campaign management,  there are already so many different groups doing their own versions that management has a very difficult time getting everyone organized and working towards the same objectives and with the same standards of quality, integrity, and efficiency.


How Telcos Use Campaign Management Today

Many telco departments are currently using, or would like to use, direct mail/phone-based campaign management. Those departments included the following.

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Product development
  • Product management
  • Advertising
  • Regional, district, and local operational offices
  • Call center(s)
  • Customer service/customer support
  • Many others

Each group has some experience with direct marketing, but almost never an adequate level of sophistication to really get all of the benefits and the return on investment that campaign management can offer. These groups used campaign management software for the following.

  • Gather and manage lists of customer names
  • Track customer interactivity history
  • Track customer purchases and other billable events
  • Monitor customer marketing activity
  • Manage customer channel utilization
  • Create and execute direct mail campaigns
  • Create and execute direct outbound phone campaigns
  • Manage and direct inbound phone response activity
  • Monitor, record, and report on customer interactions and results

Telco Campaign Management Value Propositions

TTA provides support for telcos and their use of campaign management with the objective of helping to:

  • Create better and more effective campaigns
  • Develop disciplines for systematic investigation and exploitation of direct marketing opportunities
  • Cut costs of campaign execution
  • Increase the effectiveness of campaigns

Telco Campaign Management Offerings

Our offerings in the telco campaign management area:

  • Campaign management software selection
  • Campaign management organizational readiness Analysis
  • Campaign management operational implementation roadmap development
  • Campaign management requirements development
  • Campaign management system specification development
  • Campaign management system cost justification (business case development)
  • Campaign management implementation planning
  • Campaign management organizational setup (creating departments, roles, procedures)
  • Campaign management budgeting and operations
  • Campaign management systems architecture
  • Campaign management skills assessment and staffing recommendations
  • Distressed campaign management system review and troubleshooting
  • Getting more value out of existing campaign management investments
  • Training I/T staff in campaign management development and design
  • Training marketing, sales, customer service and management staff in the use of campaign management tools

See our books or directly for more information on how TTA can help you with your telco data warehousing efforts.


Campaign Management Software Vendors

At TTA, we have experience working with many of the campaign management software solutions you may be considering.