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Telco Customer Value Management Applications



With so much to keep track of, getting a little help with automating your customer value management activities can be a welcome relief.


The Hidden Costs of Application Deployment

There is only one reason to take on the significant cost and inconvenience of implementing a new Telco Customer Value Management application: because you expect significant improvement in operational efficiency (reduced cost, improved customer contact effectiveness).

Unfortunately, in far too many cases, the benefits originally envisioned are lost in the confusion of the application development process. Many a manager has been blind-sided by the overwhelming mass of issues such an implementation engenders. Usually, it is the dozens of questions you didn't know to ask that cause you the most grief.


Multi-Disciplinary Expertise

Effective deployment of telco customer value management solutions, such as call center, sales force automation, data warehouse, and others, requires that you be an expert at the following.

  • The business of telecommunications

  • The particular business disciplines (sales, call center, marketing, etc.)

  • The particular technological approaches

  • Best practices in analytics and statistical analysis

  • Hardware/software and applications development

  • Project management

Aside from these skills, you also need familiarity with all the latest applications and quick-start solutions available from hundreds of different vendors and solution providers.

Most organizations cannot afford to employ enough staff to cover all of these skills. After all, a system like this is only implemented every once in a while. Getting some help from the Telco Customer Value Management Applications experts at TTA can make the difference.