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Data Mining

The benefits and disciplines associated with Telecommunications Data Warehousing are well known and practiced by every telecommunications firm in the world, but it represents only a small percentage of the total value that Telecommunications Business Intelligence can offer. Telecommunications Data Mining is a less understood, but equally powerful discipline that is often associated with Telco Data Warehousing but is far less understood.


Data Mining for Telecommunications companies involves the use of simple, traditional and advanced mathematical techniques to analyze large populations of data and deliver forecasts, insights, explanations and predictions of how customers, employees, systems, networks and the marketplace are likely to react to different situations.

Telecommunications Data Mining Tools and Techniques

Data Mining for Telecommunications can be done with a wide variety of software packages, including the traditional statistical analysis programs like SAS, SPSS and Statlab, along with many of the specialized advanced products like Statlab or ModelMax.


These products can also perform a wide variety of statistical analysis functions including, but not limited to:

1. Regression Analysis

2. Cluster Analysis


4. Best Fit

5. Factor Analysis



8. Neural Networks

Why do you need specialized expertise in Telecommunications Data Mining? 

While there are many people willing to talk about how great the use of data mining can be for the telecommunications firm, there are few who really understand where and how these techniques can be utilized to deliver the maximum value for the very high cost associated with its execution.


Unfortunately, Telecommunications Data Mining can be a very expensive proposition.

It involves the use of  expensive, sophisticated software packages and highly skilled statisticians to create the models and many people are fooled into thinking that those are the only costs involved. However, the big costs are associated with finding the data required, cleansing it and making it useful and this process usually involves hundreds of man hours of effort.


Because of these costs, and because of the intricacy involved in the construction of these models it is critical that the person conceptualizing the models truly understand not only statistics but also the detailed requirements of Telco departments AND of the unique data sources and data volumes that they must work with.


Too many times, telco's have hired talented statisticians with no knowledge of telecommunications who cost them hundreds of hours of effort just to get them to understand the problem they are supposed to be solving and the options available for doing it.


Data Mining for Telecommunications is a highly specialized activity that requires expertise in all areas.

What kinds of problems can you solve with Telco Data Mining?

There is an extremely wide range of telecommunications specific problems that telco data mining can be used to effectively solve. In fact, almost every area of the telco can benefit. The following list highlight some of the more common solution areas:

  • Telecommunications Market Research

  • Telco Customer Segmentation

  • Telco Network Planning

  • Telco Network Maintenance

  • Telco Network Operations

  • Revenue Assurance and Telecommunications Billing Systems Monitoring

  • Trouble ticket trend analysis

  • Network Fault Analysis and Prediction

  • Telco Service Level Assurance

  • Telco Market Sizing

  • Telco Territory Design and Alignment

  • Telco Market Forecasting

  • Telco Network Capacity Planning

  • Telecommunications Econometric Revenue Forecasting

  • Telco Budget Management and Audit

  • Telco Fraud Detection

  • Telco Fraud Prediction

  • Telco Dunning Management and Prediction

  • Telco Sales Force Optimization

  • Telco Call Center Optimization

  • Telco Marketing Campaign Optimization

TTA and know Telco Data Mining!

With over 25 years experience helping Telco firms to understand, conceptualize, build and productionalize Telco data mining  models, has helped contribute to the development of some of the most advanced, productive and powerful modeling techniques in the industry. As the co-author of the now industry standard WAR (Wallet-Share/Acquisition/Retention ) model of telco customer valuation ,the globally practiced BIRT (Business Intelligence Roadmap for Telecommunications) and CART (CRM Roadmap for Telecommunications) and the Extended Behavioral Segmentation Modeling Technique (EBSMT) has helped to revolutionize Telco data mining and open new frontiers for the use of telco data mining models to address a wide variety of areas.