The Telco Training Academy


Training in Telco Marketing


Telco marketing is one of the most exciting  job functions in the world today, as well as one of the most professionally challenging. With a marketplace that undergoes a major upheaval every year, and a technology that changes on a monthly basis, attempting to create and maintain a brand image that is consistent, positive and profitable is what the job is really all about. At  The Telco Training Academy  we have developed a number of different ways of approaching the many and extremely complex problems that face marketing managers. Our solutions include:


Strategy and Market Positioning

The starting point for any marketing activity is the development of a sound overall strategy. Strategy in telecommunications is much more than the simple process of figuring who your customers are, and trying to make yourself look attractive to them. Effective telecommunications strategy requires the mastery of a wide range of different areas of expertise, and the weaving of the knowledge about those areas into a cohesive "picture" that makes sense not only to the customer, but to the managers of all of the different areas within the Telco itself.


At  The Telco Training Academy  we have helped dozens of marketing teams to more accurately:

  • Assess their current market strengths and weaknesses

  • Determine how they can best leverage different pricing structure, bundles, segments, campaigns and policies to elicit maximum impact in the marketplace

  • Build an organization that keeps pace with the many changes to competitors, customers and products in order to maintain a strong market position

 The Telco Training Academy  has helped Telco's assess and revise their strategies using a number of different approaches including: 

  • Market and Brand Positioning 
    These assessments provide management with key insights into the relative strengths and weaknesses they present to the market, as well as providing a good, fact based, conceptual foundation for the planning of future strategies that make the most sense.

  • Investor and Industry Market Positioning Assessment Reports (Brand Equity Report)
    Marketing in the world of telecommunications today is concerned with much more than image that the presents to consumers. Included in your brand image and brand equity is an clear linkage to the way your firm is perceived by the industry in general, and by the investment community. While your EBITDA and other "hard numbers" will provide investors with one perspective on your value, the bigger component of their decisions will be based upon how strongly or weakly they perceive your overall value in the  market itself. Our investor and industry positioning assessment reports provide you will a clear understanding of how your firm is likely to be perceived by the marketplace, and provides you with recommendations for what you can do about it.

  • Marketing Strategy Alignment
    Some of the best telco marketing strategies in the world have failed, not because they weren't valid, but only because the people promoting them failed to consider the impacts and consequences their strategy would have on ALL of the other areas within the telco. Marketing strategy alignment is the process of making sure that your marketing strategy fits and is consistent with all of the other factors that you are aware of.

  • Major Market Realignment
    Rapid and uncontrolled growth has burdened many telcos with a large number of conflicting, confusing, and unmanageable market positioning. Many times, the only way to wade through all of this confusing market presence is through a Major Market Repositioning. Through major market repositioning you thoroughly and understand where you are at today, and based upon that information, figure out how to move forward most effectively.


 The Telco Training Academy  Campaign Development and Management

The heart and soul of any marketing organization are the campaigns, promotions and policies that are developed, and  The Telco Training Academy  has developed a great deal of expertise in helping you deliver in these areas. The biggest challenge that most marketing managers face is a lack of good, solid TELCO MARKETING EXPERTISE in their own organizations, and this lack can often lead to campaigns that fail to deliver as expected.

  • Campaign Development Assistance
    Our campaign development assistance takes the form of help with:

    • Campaign targeting and conceptualization

    • Medium, message and motivation development

    • Hard core targeting analytics

    • Creative, holistic campaigns that integrate the strengths and weaknesses of each of your products, your network infrastructure, brand position and the capabilities of the customer service, sales and channel organizations.

 The Telco Training Academy  Customer Management and Customer Intelligence

Ultimately, we believe that the key to any marketing activity is the application of hard facts to whatever problem you are facing. Of course, getting these facts out of your existing systems and databases is a challenge in and of itself.  The Telco Training Academy  has spent a lot of time developing a large number of different customer management and analytics solutions to support all of your different marketing activities. From segmentation, to campaign targeting, to the development of pricing models, our analytics can be utilized to drive your marketing efforts to far better than average results.


  • Customer Management and Intelligence Solutions

    Our customer management and intelligence solutions include a broad range of approaches including:

    • Behavioral segmentation and footprinting

    • Churn, fraud and campaign gameboards

    • Marketing and customer management scorecards

    • Predictive, propensity, pricing, forecasting and econometric modeling