The Telco Training Academy

Investor Report

The real value of your firm is a lot more than the sum total of your "hard assets" (cash, network equipment, buildings and people), it also includes, and derives its greatest value from the current image you have in the marketplace.


The way that your customers (and your potential customers) feel about you, what they think of your history, their perceptions of your role in their lives and their future, is a critical component of the value question.

While many executives understand this on some level, few have taken the time to attempt to quantify their brand equity, and turn it into an asset that they can utilize in the marketplace.

  and Brand Equity Reports

  is clearly aware of the incredible amount of "hidden value" that a telco has to offer investors and over the years we have developed a number of technique for the identification and documentation of those assets. Brand equity reports of this nature can be used in a number of different ways:

1. They can help the marketing organization and top management understand what the true underlying values of the firm are, helping them to decide upon a clearer plan of action for moving forward

2. It can provide insight into some of the underlying strengths and weaknesses of your current marketing approach and brand management efforts

3. They can help you to identify newer and better ways to make plans for expansion, fueling your imagination and your creative development process


A typical brand equity report will consist of the following steps:

1. Review of existing market research

2. Review of industry / government reports 

3. Interviews with top management in each area to assess perceived strengths and weaknesses

4. Review of network operations, billing and other activity summary reports to site trends and directions for major product lines

5. Review of campaign history and procedures


Depending upon the finding from these steps we might then need to commission additional in depth research in the areas of:

1. Market perception studies

2. Focus groups


At the end of the project, we will have established a good basic understanding of the overall "leverage" that your brand image can offer, along with recommendations as to ways that this leverage can be increased through strategic initiatives.