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Customer Management

Many telcos are in the process of becoming more customer-centric and to have a customer-focused organization. Despite their best intentions, however, most fall far short of the goals. The problem, for many, is that they underestimate how big of a job moving to a customer-centric view really is.

The key to any serious customer-based strategy is always the same: good, sound customer management capability.

Customer Management Capabilities

Most telcos find themselves in an incredibly difficult position when they decide it is time to pay closer attention to their customers. They discover that their existing billing systems and other computer applications fail to do an adequate job of collecting, standardizing, consolidating, summarizing, and reporting on customer activities in any meaningful or useful way. They tend to be stuck with dozens of legacy applications, each built to perform a different part of the customer management function. No where is there a system or application that can pull all of that information together.


Customer Management ... More Than Just a System

Some managers naively assume that heir customer management problems would be solved if they had a systems that would deliver the needed information. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. The lack of a good customer management system is a symptom, not the cause, of a much bigger problem.

What most companies fail to realize is that, to do a serious job of customer management, you need an entire organization, philosophy, and organizational discipline established around the principle. Only then can you realistically expect the construction of a customer management system to be successful.


Customer Management Value Propositions

For the organizations that takes on the customer management challenge, there are many potential rewards to be enjoyed:

  • Reduced cost of customer acquisition, maintenance, and churn reduction (as telcos are able to focus on and allocate the right levels of resources to the right individuals)

  • Reduced cost of advertising, marketing, promotion, and customer service

  • The ability to execute more specific, precise, and well managed campaigns

  • The ability to integrate customer interaction across all channels

  • The ability to better tune channel investments, programs, and capabilities

  • The ability to better target new product development

  • Reduced costs of marketing

  • Increased revenue from customers


 -Customer Management Offerings

  has experience working with dozens of telcos who struggled with the issues and challenges of developing better customer management capabilities. Our offerings help your organization to create better strategies in support of customer management, and to develop systems that can provide the support you need. These offerings include:

  • Development of customer profiles and customer profiling practices

  • Creation, formalization, and ongoing management of customer segments (creation of the customer management organization and the Chief Customer Management Officer)

  • Touchpoint integration - collection and dissemination of customer activities across all channels

  • Customer householding - creation and management of customer householding capabilities

  • Corporate hierarchy construction and maintenance

  • Sourcing of customer information for inclusion in customer management systems

  • Modeling of customer management databases