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Customer Intelligence

No aspect of telco customer value management has had more impact on how people think about and perform their activities than that of customer intelligence.

Customer Intelligence - The science, art, and discipline of learning in smarter, faster, and more insightful ways who your customers are, what they want and need, and how you can best service those needs in a profitable way.

In recent years, incredible strides have been made in how telco managers learn these critical facts about customers and, as the volume of information and the sophistication of techniques grows, so must the sophistication of the manager.


Customer Intelligence ... The Magical Solution to Every Problem

Many telco managers are coming to rely more and more on the powerful insights and radical out-of-the-box opportunities that good customer intelligence can offer. And for good reason. Modern customer intelligence can provide the manager with accurate and irrefutable answers to questions such as:

  • Who are my customers?

  • What do they want and need?

  • What will they pay?

  • How should the customers be approached?

  • What products, features, functions are important to them?

  • Are they happy customers?

  • When will they leave? Where will they go? Why?

Intelligence like this is more than enough to allow manager make better decisions about:

  • Setting budgets

  • Launching products

  • Executing sales and marketing campaigns

  • Changing strategies

TTA's Unique Approach to Customer Intelligence

Customer intelligence is a discipline that all telcos are aware of and that all consulting companies will talk about. But TTA has an approach and experience with customer intelligence activities that few can match.

TTA has spent years developing a customer intelligence discipline that uniquely combines:

  • Heavy reliance upon customer information from billing system and call detail records as the core of good customer understanding

  • Use of the latest in statistical analysis and data mining techniques to create quantifiable, provable, and auditable findings

  • Full integration of quantitative analytics (statistical approaches) with qualitative analytics (market surveys, questionnaires, customer exit polls, etc). This hybrid of traditionally separate disciplines has allowed us to produce some unbelievably powerful and useful insights.


Customer Intelligence - Value Propositions

TTA's customer intelligence expertise can provide your organization with benefits in many areas. These include:

  • Better market strategy, positioning, and forecasting

  • Optimum customer segmentation approaches

  • Integration of customer segmentation with product positioning

  • Better forecasts

  • Higher revenues

  • Lower churn rates

  • Higher revenue per customer

  • Reduced product development cost

  • More successful and profitable new product launches

  • Profit maximization

  • Better, more targeted, more effective, lower cost campaigns, programs, and promotions


TTA - Customer Intelligence Offerings

TTA can assist you with the evaluation, selection, construction, interpretation, application, and rejuvenation of customer intelligence activities in a wide variety of areas including:

  • Segmentation

    • Market segmentation

    • Product segmentation

    • Campaign/promotion segmentation

    • Channel segmentation

  • Dynamic segmentation discipline

  • Customer valuation (life time value surrogates)

  • Prediction modeling

  • Propensity modeling

  • Customer profiling

  • Market research

  • Business intelligence