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Strategy and Vision

No aspect of telco management is more interesting and challenging creating the strategic vision and direction for the firm. This strategy, and management's perspective on the important challenges and the long term direction of the firm make the business exciting.

Strategy and Risk

In the telecommunications industry today, there is very little we can be sure of. Conditions change almost daily, it seems, and the brilliant strategies of yesterday quickly turn into the ridiculous schemes of the recent past. For the telco manager, nothing is more pervasive in the strategy development arena than the risks associated with long term planning and decision-making.



Minimizing the Risk and Maximizing the Rewards

The key to good strategy in this environment is straightforward. The manager must develop newer, more creative, and more effective means of anticipating the changes and develop strategies that position the company to capitalize on the breaks and minimize the losses.


TTA - Strategy Development Value Propositions

TTA's approach to strategy development is unique in the telecommunications and consulting industries. Our strategy development methodologies, approaches, and guidelines are all based upon a few principles:

  • Incorporation of leading edge analytics, econometrics, market research, and other quantitative and qualitative tools to provide management with a foundation of facts on which to base strategic decision-making

  • An unwavering commitment to strategy that is:

    • Practical
      Designed to deliver immediate, realistic results

    • Short term
      No three year "studies" for us. We come in, evaluate, and get out in three months or less!

    • Measurable
      To understand if and how well the strategy is working

    • Telecommunications experience based
      Experienced working with telcos around the world

    • Systematic
      Easy to follow, logical problem explanations

    • Buzz-word averse
      We stay away from the "hot new paradigms" and stick with those that have always worked: profit, operational efficiency, organizational clarity, functional simplicity.

    • Profit as a goal
      Focusing always on the bottom line in the short and long term

    • Focused
      We zero in on the specific area in question

    • Diagnostic
      We work on understanding the root cause before proposing remedies

Our commitment is to help you:

  • Understand the conditions and situations that you must deal with

  • Develop the analytical skills to evaluate the situation with clarity and brevity

  • Create metrics, measures, and models to help minimize risk and maximize understanding

  • Encourage the creativity and initiative of your team, your subordinates, and your coworkers

  • Develop strategies that win consensus from all stake-holders, buy-in from investors, and understanding and commitment from the people who need to execute


Vision When the Strategy is Understood and Shared By All

Now, you need to develop a plan of attack, an approach and a complete operational, organizational, and tactical vision that your managers, peers, and employees will all:

  • Understand (in principle and in detail)

  • Accept (what must be done)

  • Believe in (the obviously best plan of action)

  • Enthusiastically support (with time, attention, and energy)

Creating that kind of supportive and collaborative environment is more than simple strategy development. It is the conversion of that strategy into a vision that the rest of the organization shares.

Development and executive of a powerful and compelling vision is as important (and in some cases even more important) than the strategy itself. Indeed, if the strategy has no participants, then it is little more than a good idea that somebody once had.


TTA - Strategy Development Offerings

TTA has spent many years working with telco managers and helping them turn their ideas and dreams into sound, executable strategies, that are embraced and enthusiastically pursued by the staffs. Our strategy development offerings cover many aspects of telco management including:

  • Demand, pricing, and forecasting models and approaches (the analytics required to make informed strategic decisions)

    • TTA-TCVM Precision Planning Methodology (integrated, predictive models to develop a comprehensive, analytically-based product, market, channel, pricing and revenue forecasts, KPIs and capacity planning)

    • Econometric planning  models

    • Econometric pricing models

    • Capacity planning models

  • Telco Marketing Strategy

    • Telco market position evaluation and roadmap

    • Telco market sizing study

    • Target market strategy development

    • The Total Telco Customer Value Management Approach (incorporation of the concepts of telco customer value exchange into all aspects of telco operations)

  • Telco product strategy development

    • Telco product positioning evaluation and roadmap

    • Telco product demand forecasting

    • Telco product development strategy

  • Strategy and vision development offerings

    • Vision and strategy development workshop

    • Preparation of strategic summary whitepaper

    • Preparation of strategic vision presentation

    • Preparation of corporate vision campaigns