The Telco Training Academy


Marketing Repositioning


The goal of every manager is to work in a business environment where the processes and procedures that were created do their jobs and run the business. In this optimum world, the manager sits back, monitors activities, and makes small adjustments to keep the organization "tuned" to the environment.

Unfortunately, those situations are few and far between. Far more often, you find yourself needing to reevaluate your entire strategy and make major adjustments to keep up with the changes in the marketplace.

One of the major business strategy areas that require constant monitoring and major realignment is the definition and development of you major market positioning. Evaluation of your market position will tell you the following.

  • Your current market share

  • Your current customer share of wallet

  • What customers and prospects think of your company

  • What future revenues to expect

  • Which products to add or remove in the next few years

  • How well your current marketing, sales, customer service, and channel management strategies are working

Many telco managers do not like everything they find after taking a good, hard look at their market position. Rapidly changing conditions and organizations that grew up too quickly and without enough forethought have left many telcos in need of some major repositioning of their market stance.


Major Market Positioning Problem Situations

There are actually four situations that qualify as Major Market Positioning Situations:

  • Churn and Market Share Loss
    Many telcos (especially in the wireless and long distance business) are unable to effectively create, measure, and evaluate effective strategies associated with customer churn and the loss of major market share to newcomer competitors.

  • ARPU Erosion and Revenue Loss
    Other telcos suffer from a steady erosion of their revenues through the decline in customer usage and the reduction in prices.

  • Channel Realignment and Rightsizing
    Rapid and uncontrolled growth has burdened many telcos with a large number of conflicting, confusing, and difficult to manage channels. Others do not have enough channels and are losing major market share. In either case, major reevaluation and restructuring of channel management strategies is in order.

  • Product Profitability and Portfolio Management
    Most telcos still drive their core accounting and operations decisions based on a product management model. While effective, the over-simplified major product categories (voice, data, value-added services) fail to provide management, marketing, sales, and the channels with the kind of control, marketability, and profitability that is required.



Helping you define and attain your Major Market Positioning Objectives

We understand how frustrating it can be to try to take on the major market positioning problems of churn, ARPU and revenue erosion, channel realignment/rightsizing, and product profitability and portfolio management without the right tools, information, and organizational resources in place to address them effectively.

We have developed a set of Macro-Solutions training approach, specifically assembled to provide you with all of the information, resources, and direction you need to effectively diagnose, understand, and remedy these major market position weaknesses.


At the heart of our approach is a complete set of customized analytics designed to:

  • Better understand your current condition

  • Better forecast future revenues and market position changes based on current conditions

  • Provide you with the information to understand how best to respond to these conditions

Our Analytics provide you with what you need more than anything else to make the right decisions: FACTS useful and relevant facts.


 Marketing Disciplines

Understanding the facts about a given situation is, of course, only the first step. next, you have to figure out how to make use of your findings and how to get your organization to take action. This is where the  Business Disciplines come to play.

 Business Disciplines are a collection of global telco industry best practices in each of the major functional areas that make up an effective market positioning effort:

  • Strategy and vision

  • Brand management

  • Customer intelligence

  • Customer management

  • Product management

  • Program, campaign, and promotion management

  • Channel management

Our exhaustive best practices training is then applied to provide you with:

  • A comprehensive review of your current practices in each area

  • Evaluation and assessment of these practices

  • Recommendations and roadmap of how those practices should be adjusted


 I/T Disciplines

In addition to our complete evaluation of your business practices, we also apply our best practices in I/T disciplines to help you understand what changes to make in the systems support area. The I/T Disciplines we cover include:

  • Systems design

  • Systems architecture

  • Database design

  • Data modeling

  • Applications best practices (data warehouse, data mining, call center, channel management, sales force automation, knowledge management, customer self service, campaign management, OLAP/query)

  • Business case development, cost justification, requirements, specifications, RFP/RFI preparation, vendor selection

Pulling it together with  Methodologies

Your organization's analytics, business disciplines, and I/T disciplines comprise a broad and extremely complicated environment. To effectively analyze, evaluate, and make recommendations for optimum changes requires some clear and simple templates. 

Our  Methodologies provide you with the overview and structure that you need to understand how the diverse components can be assembled into a cohesive, efficient, easy to comprehend whole.

The key methodologies that we utilize in the execution of our Major Market Repositioning Solutions include:

  • Precision Planning Methodology
    Comprehensive collection of analytical models, reports, and strategic planning "game-boards" that clarify each of the major components of the organization's market position and revenue forecasts at a detailed, precise level. Under this methodology, planning is by product, market segment, and channel

  • TrailBlazer Program Development Methodology
    Our exclusive approach to conceptualization, design, and execution of programs, campaigns, and promotions that achieve maximize results at minimum costs

  • DreamCatcher Product Portfolio Development and Management Methodology
    Our revolutionary new approach to conception, creation, budgeting, and management of new products, as well as management of portfolios of telecommunications products.